AMERICANMONSTERS.COM Interview on the Earth’s Mightiest Bastards Podcast


Marc Storrs sits down with Rob Morphy to discuss their joint labor of love in all things Cryptozoological, This episode is brought to you by

Welcome to THE EARTH’S MIGHTIEST BASTARDS! The podcast that dares to ask the big questions such as: “Did Tom Hanks’ career peak at Monsters & Mazes?” or “Are Bigfoot secretly piloting UFOs?” and “Can LARPers get laid in the real world?”

We’re Just a trio of bearded, working class, buddies who get together once a week to drink beer, smoke butts, hide out in the “Garage Of Injustice” (TM) and discuss/debate all things geek, nerd and pop-culture that pop up on our radar from cult cinema to comics to weird science to cryptozoology. Marc, Chris and Rob are a butcher, a blogger and sewer dredger by trade, but at night the artists, musicians, filmmakers, monster hunters and movie lovers creep out to talk smack and try to bring a little sense to this misguided world we call home!

So sit back, crack a brew (unless you’re driving, then make it vodka) and enjoy the rambling rantings of THE EARTH’S MIGHTIEST BASTARDS!


Han shot first !  The Earth’s Mightiest Bastard agree!

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  1. BigFootPhD February 16, 2013 at 4:38 am #

    You guys banned me from your forums for believing in global warming, like 3 years ago. I just swung back around to see how you were doing and surprise you don’t have any community involvement. Sour grapes taste pretty good actually.

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