Initially our hope for AMERICAN MONSTERS was to create an all encompassing reservoir of information regarding every unknown animal, which we could research within the confines of the continental United States, but it soon became apparent that to do justice to any of these bizarre creatures, we would be forced to expand our scope to include a much broader range of global cryptids.

This has proven to be both a fascinating and exhaustive task, and one which will be perpetually ongoing. We implore you to bear with us… if it’s out there, we will chronicle it… eventually!

Of course, not everyone will agree with our choices regarding the cataloging of these creatures. In fact, we are the first to admit, that many of the animals chronicled herein could easily fit into more than one category, but we used are best discretion and placed each monster where it seemed to fit best.

We also realize that there are some folks out there who will be miffed by the inclusion of ostensibly alien critters in this mostly crypto-catalog. In response to that we can only ask how else would would one classify a wrinkly, multi-fanged, pointy-eared humanoid or gargantuan, scaly, yellow-eyed lizard man if not under the umbrella of monsters?

In order to ease site navigation — as well as to help enhance the public’s understanding of this theater-wide phenomenon — we have included an easy access cross referencing system, which will bring to the forefront many of the obvious (and assumed) correlations between the creatures that you will encounter herein. This interlocking web of information is designed to grant you, the browser, the ability to research any number of these amazing animals and entities with an appreciation for the more expansive spectrum in which they apparently fit.

This site and our Facebook page are designed to serve as an on-line gathering place for anyone interested in discussing these unusual life-forms. We hope that these forums will help forage new friendships, encourage both social discourse and open debate, and serve as a sort of “watering hole” for independent researchers.

The AMERICAN MONSTERS primary crew — which includes writer and illustrator Rob Morphy and web designer, graphic artist and proud poppa Marc Storrs — will do our best to keep you updated, not only on site progress, but on upcoming documentaries and crypto-news as well as other monster related events.

As Always, thank you for your support… and keep your eyes peeled!