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Although it might sounds like a character from the Golden Age of Comics, the Manta-Man is a unique cryptid that created a huge stir in 2013, after multiple eyewitnesses claimed to have seen this eerie and evidently carnivorous synthesis of a manta ray and human soaring among the towering trees in Santiago’s Bustamante Park. (more…)

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The deep, shadow shrouded jungles of South America are rife with carnivorous predators rarely seen by the human eye, but as intimidating as the creatures lurking in the dense rain forests of this mysterious continent may be, the arid plains of northern Chile are said to harbor a colony of bizarre, flying, “dog-faced kangaroos,” which are […]

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One of the most fascinating cryptozoological (or more likely than not paranormal) cases of 20th century comes to us from Point Pleasant, West Virginia, and involves a flying fiend known to terrified locals as the Mothman. This legendary being is said to be a large, headless humanoid, which some claim is an oracle of doom. […]

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