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Peru has long been a hotbed of anomalous activities and entities involving everything from UFOs to unknown animals to ancient archeological enigmas, but one of the most bizarre accounts to have ever emerged from this primordial and ethereal land is unquestionably the eyewitness report of a small, cycloptic arboreal anomaly. (more…)

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On November 1, 1974, the Columbus Police Department received a series of panicked reports from no less than two sets of eyewitnesses, all of whom claimed to have seen (and even been attacked by) a huge, bipedal, green-skinned monstrosity that took to skulking near the waterways inside Indiana’s 83-acre Mill Race Park. These encounters would […]

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According to Project Blue Book files, a young miner had an all too close encounter with a trio of colossal, cycloptic creatures that were so shocking to behold he passed out from sheer terror. The official report goes so far as to suggest that the intentions of these entities may not merely be malevolent… but […]

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Eyewitnesses claim that the Grinning Man is a looming figure who stands well over 6-feet tall. His head is said to be devoid of any hair and his dark, beady eyes are nestled unnaturally far apart in his domed skull. Some observers are so perturbed that they are later unable to recall whether he even […]

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In the September 27, 1950, edition of the Philadelphia Inquirer, readers were treated to a bizarre headline which read:  “Flying ‘Saucer’ Just Dissolves.” The article told of a strange “object” plunging out of the night sky resulting in four Philadelphia police officers having an extremely close encounter with a gelatinous and allegedly extraterrestrial life-form. (more…)

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